Ways to Instantly Be Happy

Alternately titled: How to Treat Yo’self

{I actually don’t watch Parks and Rec but I keep hearing ^ this is a thing}

A few weeks ago my favorite blogger wrote a blog post about self-care tips. After reading this post, it really got me thinking about the things I do in my life that guarantee me a burst of happiness.  I found that a lot of ours were similar …I feel like we could be friends.

I think everyone should have a collection of these things they know make them feel good. When you’re having a bad day, pull one of these out and BAM, instant happiness. I find it extremely important to do things that you love each and every day. Put yourself at ease, relax, and do what feels good. Everyone is always looking for the key to life long happiness; I think it’s a result of doing things daily to keep you happy.

I’ve compiled a list of things that make me the MOST happy and hope this sparks happy-feel-good inspiration for you!


1. Eating Food I LOVE

I encourage intuitive eating and having no food rules. I find that not only am I happier this way, but also much much healthier.

burger and fries
Turkey burger with cheddar, avocado, and fries

french toastttt

I listen to my body and eat what it craves. If I want a flatbread pizza and an iced latte, you can bet that that’s what I’ll be eating. Sometimes my body wants nothing but a big salad and fruit, so I happily indulge in that too. I LOVE to eat food I love, and I know that I’m so content honoring my cravings and that makes me very happy. Something I encourage you to start doing too.

2. Yoga

Yoga is my exercise savior. I hate to run, absolutely hate it. It kills my knees and I feel like it defeats me every time I try which is not exactly the feeling you want in your usual exercise routine. But yoga; BLISSFUL. Yoga is more than just shapes and moving to me. It has really helped me relax and made me feel strong. I think it’s very important to find exercise you genuinely enjoy, rather than exercise you think you should be doing. Find what you love and what your body loves and the exercise will love you right back.

3. Wandering Around the Book Store

Not gonna lie, this is probably my favorite.


Nothing relaxes me more than grabbing a coffee from the Barnes and Nobles Starbucks, wandering up and down the aisles and losing track of time. It may sound cheesy, but those books house so many beautiful stories and it puts me at ease to be in a place that’s filled with so much beauty. And speaking of coffee…

4. Coffee

Coffee fixes all problems.

End of story.

5. Dressing Up

Nothing boosts my confidence like doing my makeup, fixing my hair and putting on something cute.

I think pampering yourself is very important. It’s said that when you look good, you feel good, and this is something that is definitely true for me.

I’ve also heard selfies are good for you’re health so…

6. Baking, Cooking, and Creating in the Kitchen

Before my sophomore year of high school, I had never given any thought to my diet or health. I ate pre-packaged food and microwave meals. After I discovered that healthy food can be DELICIOUS and my love for food blogs, I also discovered how much I enjoyed cooking. I feel so comfortable in the kitchen. I’m a huge breakfast person. I love getting up early in the morning and creating a gorgeous morning meal. It sets the tone for the rest of my day and I love including plenty of color in my morning meals. When I need some stress relief, I put on my sweats, turn on some music, and start mixing up muffins, banana breads, granola, etc.

I love to create and experiment with flavors and know that I’m creating things that are both delicious and nourishing. I feel in my element and it puts me at ease.

7. Time With My Girls

I knew it would be hard going to college and having most of my friends at different schools, but I never realized how hard. We’re all out on our own, living our different lives and having a different college experience.


That being said, I have made some amazing friends at school that I am so blessed to have. I am a people person and love to spend time with the people I love.

These are my people and having them around, texting them, even receiving one Snapchat from them instantly brightens my day.

8. Journal

This is one that I have just recently got into. It’s amazing what simply writing down what is weighing heavy on your mind and heart can do to help you. Sometimes, it just feels good to write down thoughts, ideas, dreams, beliefs, etc. I’ve also found to google “journal prompts” and pick from that list when I’m looking for a more lighter writing. It’s easy to forget that we are full of opinions and ideas and expressing these is so fulfilling. Getting what’s in your head out in front of you can help to clear your mind and see any situation more clearly.

9. Music + Evening Drive

I think this is something that everyone my age loves. Nothing is more perfect on a summer night than turning on whatever music you love, rolling the windows down, and going on a drive by yourself. It’s my favorite way to allow myself some time to think and I always feel like my worries have melted away. It’s important to appreciate the beauty of the world and really acknowledge the beauty of wherever you are holds.

evening drive


This is so simple that many of us forget how much just smiling can really do to boost our mood. A smile is a reminder of good times and happiness and great memories. It is the most natural thing you can do and forces all the bad out. This is the quick fix for happiness, and something that I practice often.


What do you do for an instant happiness boost? I’d love to hear!






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